Revelation 14 Question and Answer

Q: I have a question for you about the Revelation 14 articles. In the article you say that the section scene features a time which begins after the time of His judgment starts, which would be the beginning of the millennium, correct? Verse 9 mentions the Mark of the Beast

:9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,…

   Where does that fit in this millennial scenario? If we believe that the Mark of the Beast is a computer chip, etc., how would this fit into a time of Swords to Plowshares? Would the technology be around? If we believe that the Mark of the Beast is a mindset and thoughts (forehead), and what we do (the actions of our hands), then the remembrance of the Beast could be carried on and taught to children.

Reply: Verses 1 thru 5 speak of the 144,000 as having already been redeemed from the earth, but them alone. This would be some time, but not a lot of time, after the second coming. It places the first resurrection as having already just happened, so we know where we are in time.

Verses 6 thru 13 encompass an address to the survivors of the Great Tribulation, who will live on into the millennial age. Their former religions are by then defunct and a prohibition is uttered against perpetuating them in any way. The everlasting Gospel is to begin being preached to the entire world at this time (v.6); They are adjured to worship their Creator (alluding to Sabbath-keeping, a memorial of the seventh day); The recent fall of the second Babylon is announced (v.8), not all would have been witnesses to that happening, and it gives US a time marker, confirming the above one; Then a prohibition and curse is pronounced against anyone who would attempt to restore the Babylonian religious system in the future, explaining their ultimate fate if they do so (v.9). The "receives his mark" comment in verse 9 suggests the receipt is not limited to a physical chip, but a mental decision! In our time, it may also involve a chip implant, but the mentality of choosing or acquiescing to that system, before during and after the Tribulation, is the same even after that era is passed. Verse 10 describes the fate of any who disregard this absolute prohibition. Verse 13 moves on and explains the eventual fate of those who become converted all during the millennial age. They will live out their lives and go to their graves, just as people do now, and await their just reward (Life) at the end. See also Matthew 25:31-46. There will be a time when ALL who ever lived, both converted and unconverted, are raised together, and segregated for different destinies.

The entire section including verses 6 thru 13 is related to the introduction to the millennium. Verse 13 leaves off time-wise, and the remainder of the chapter shifts to the Sentencing Event at the END of humanity, as also described in Matt. 25: This later harvest consists of two major scenes: Reaping of the Righteous (including those still living at the end of the Great White Throne Judgment period together with the dead raised in the third resurrection, raised for the purpose of Sentencing. (There will be BOTH righteous and unrighteous raised in the third! Unlike what the WCG taught.) The first group will be 'reaped' into the Family of God by Christ in the White Cloud scene. After this, He turns from the rest, sadly leaving His two angels to 'harvest' the remainder of unconverted of all time, reaping them for the 'winepress of His wrath' where they will pay for their own sins by the shedding of their own blood, (having rejected the application of Christ's blood) then their physical remains will forever and fully be consumed (as v.11 describes) in Fire: this is the Second Death. This priceless scene is one of a very few that describes the event of Final Sentencing. Many have overlooked its true significance.

I realize people have made a different connection with the event of verse 20, but in doing so, I feel they've missed both the progressive time sequence and the consistent message contained within the chapter, of the Harvests of the World, all of them: the First Resurrection including the 144,000 and the later harvest of Saints at the very end! There will only be these two times of harvest! Christ in this chapter is seen as a harvester, a Judge, not a warrior. There will be no battle at this END of Time Judgment. After reaping His Saints, He dis-involves Himself personally, leaving the deed to His two angels when the destruction of incorrigibly wicked humanity takes place. This is not the Battle of Armageddon scene some pose it as being. That happened back BEFORE the millennium! The millennial age provides opportunity for salvation for those who live on into the 1000 years and their descendents. The second resurrection era provides opportunity for those dead who never had opportunity after the 1000 years. (not at that time raising those who did have opportunity and rejected it). Those who live in the second resurrection era are allowed to either accept or reject salvation. As their age comes to an end (while they are still living) all the remaining dead are raised back to physical life to stand with them for their Final Sentencing. That sentencing scene is what verses 14 thru 20 describe in brief but startling detail.