Gleaning Topics of Interest and Relevance to God's Called and True Saints

Expounding upon the Faith Once Delivered



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January 6, 2018, sermon entitled Resurrection Experience   Meeting the Lord in the air / meeting God’s elect - 43 minutes

December 2, 2017, sermon entitled The Greater Spirit of Grace   how grace became redefined over time and what was lost in the process - 55 minutes

October 28, 2017, sermon entitled After Satan’s Release  The Great White Throne judgment completes the Plan. - 48 minutes

September 30, 2017, sermon entitled The Day of Atonement  Its Connection to Passover / Christ’s Intercession For Us - 37 minutes

August 12, 2017, sermon entitled “I Will Make You Fishers of Men”   Humility, Wisdom & Knowledge: Assets in selecting the correct bait for bringing in Trophy Fish. - 50 minutes

July 15, 2017, sermon entitled Deacons Indeed. A glimpse into the operations of the early New Testament Church - 46 minutes     Where traditional religion warped our perceptions

June 3, 2017, sermon entitled Prelude to Pentecost … God’s Harvest of humanity from Wave Sheaf to completion - 40 minutes  Here is what Israel didn’t understand at first.

April 29, 2017, sermon entitled You Are the Salt of the Earth - 36 minutes     Assessing the danger of salt losing its enhancement quality in the world and among ourselves.

April 1, 2017, sermon entitled The Jonah Factor - 51 minutes     Subliminal lessons from the book of Jonah / Discerning our Sins of Omission.

February 25, 2017, sermon entitled God’s Handiwork in the Heavens and in US! - 38 minutes     HE builds the kind of Faith that endures.

January 21, 2017, sermon entitled When Will the Final Judgment Event Take Place? - 43 minutes     How this answer refutes the Heaven & Hell belief system

December 17, 2016, sermon entitled Like Babushka Dolls - 54 minutes     End-time prophecies are inter-contained and inter-dependent. Daniel 2 presents THE major narrative into which many others place.

November 12, 2016, sermon entitled The Prodigal Son - 30 minutes     A lesson in repentance - the basis of conversion

October 3, 2016, sermon entitled Trumpets Herald a New World Order - 42 minutes     A more comprehensive look at the seven trumpets

September 10, 2016, sermon entitled The Seven Churches of Revelation - 46 minutes     Three defunct eras / three remnant organizations / one enigmatic era! How the WCG view of Laodicea had obvious ‘questions’. Church Eras teaching was not unique to the WCG.

August 6, 2016, sermon entitled If I’d Known What I Know Now - 38 minutes     Addressing spiritual growth - Tempering knowledge with wisdom

June, 25 2016, sermon entitled Elders In Deed - 50 minutes     Reflections on our organizational oversight: (How we were set-up for being cut down) (Did we comprehend the lessons?)

April, 30 2016, sermon entitled The Exodus Experience - 67 minutes     Seeing God’s Hand in the Exodus (What we should realize historically)

March 19, 2016, sermon entitled Right Hand of Fellowship - 52 minutes     Overcoming Barriers - Unity at the Base Level

January 30, 2016, sermon entitled Biblical Predestination - 42 minutes     Presumptions can thwart understanding.

December 19, 2015, sermon entitled Didn’t See it Coming! - 50 minutes     Religion into Reality. The WISE shall understand.

November 14, 2015, sermon entitled Lessons in Genesis One - 46 minutes     Revealing the Creation of the Greater Family of God!

October 5, 2015, sermon entitled What’s So Great About the Last Great Day? - 47 minutes     A Day for All the Rest

August 22, 2015, sermon entitled The Judgment Seat of Christ - the Rewards Ceremony to come - 43 minutes     How ‘works’ factor in to our ultimate rewards in the Kingdom

July 18, 2015, sermon entitled What We Know and How We Know It - 57 minutes     What we are privileged to understand about the end-time events.

June 13, 2015, sermon entitled The Seven Aspects of Godly Repentance - 36 minutes     Our emotional responses as we gain victory over the sins that so easily beset us

May 16, 2015, sermon entitled Called versus Chosen - 51 minutes     Explaining the differences and evidence God is still calling people today

April 10, 2015, sermon entitled The Unpardonable Sin: Understanding the Dynamics of Condemnation. - 35 minutes     Is there a difference between an unpardonable sin and an unpardoned sin?

March 21, 2015, sermon entitled The Last Six Days Before Passover - 47 minutes     The Gospel of John lays down multiple proofs of the true timing of the Passover. Christ’s teachings are given greater relevance by us knowing when they were spoken.

February 28, 2015, sermon entitled Passover Observance Then and Now - 66 minutes     Christ’s interaction with the Samaritans - who they are and what their tradition reveals

January 17, 2015, sermon entitled The shortcomings of the Psychoanalytical Discipline. - 34 minutes     Seeking the peace which surpasses all comprehension

November 29, 2014, sermon entitled Our Everpresent Calling - 52 minutes     The effect of Believing the Lie

October 25, 2014, sermon entitled Defusing Calendar Controversies - 64 minutes     Factors we should consider before becoming polarized

September 13, 2014, sermon entitled Examining Grace - 47 minutes     “And it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

August 9, 2014, sermon entitled Death’s Dark Door: What Happens After Death? - 57 minutes     “And it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

July 5, 2014, sermon entitled Hidden In Plain Sight - 47 minutes     “Scriptures that are often overlooked for the truths they reveal ”

June 7, 2014, sermon entitled Why Fifty Days? - 35 minutes     This Observance presents DUAL Prophetic Considerations!

May 3, 2014, sermon entitled Wave Sheaf Offering - 45 minutes     This Ceremony Factors into Theology in ways Not Obvious!

April 15, 2014, sermon entitled The Naaman Effect - 25 minutes     Unleavened Bread and Footwashing: A barometer on attitudes.

March 22, 2014, sermon entitled Predestination’s Problem - 50 minutes     Does mankind have free moral agency?

Feb 22, 2014, sermon entitled Pursuing Perfection - 45 minutes     What are our obligations before God with regard to maturing?

December 14, 2013, sermon entitled Gnosticism’s Residue - 61 minutes     Certain teachings in modern religion have an ancient origin.

November 9, 2013, sermon entitled Many Have Made Shipwreck - 56 minutes     Why has here been so much attrition?

October 5, 2013, sermon entitled Beyond Armageddon - 44 minutes     Explanations and meanings of end-time terminology we use

September 19, 2013, sermon entitled A World Held in the Grip of Madness - 42 minutes     Reestablishing Sanity thru God’s Feasts.

August 10, 2013, sermon entitled We Are NOT Under the Law - 46 minutes     The Apostle Paul himself defines what he really meant.

June 29, 2013, sermon entitled Defending Jesus’ Divinity - 45 minutes     What sets Judaic Religion apart from Christianity?

December 15, 2012, sermon entitled Major Themes of the New Testament - 49 minutes     How we can become bogged down in minor issues.

November 10, 2012, sermon entitled Have We Lost our First Love? - 56 minutes     What kind of love did Christ identify as lacking?

May 19, 2013, sermon entitled That They May Be One - 45 minutes     Celebrating the profound unity of the spirit

April 13, 2013, sermon entitled One Taken, the Other Left - 51 minutes     What WILL happen to the unconverted at the Second Coming?

March 2, 2013, sermon entitled Passover’s Enduring Relevance - 51 minutes     Biblical evidence of both the Old Testament and New Testament Passover and its ever-increasing meaning.

January 19, 2013, sermon entitled Daniel Eleven: A Prophetic Scenario - 48 minutes     Christ made us aware that this prophecy has a dual application. It gives us many things to watch for.

June 16, 2012, sermon entitled Great Battles in Prophecy - 53 minutes     Armageddon is NOT the end-of-the-world. The Bible shows that the world is not going to end for at least another 1000 years.

May 27, 2012, sermon entitled Pentecost's Shadow - 40 minutes     Subliminal messages contained within the first harvest.

January 21, 2012, sermon entitled What Should We be Doing? - 53 minutes     This is our ‘Final Training’. Finishing our course with faithful distinction, this as it relates to our Present and our Future in Tribulation!

December 17, 2011, sermon entitled Why God Gave the Ceremonial Law - 50 minutes     It’s past and it’s importance in the future.

November 5, 2011, sermon entitled The Last Great Day - part II - 54 minutes     Understanding the Great White Throne Judgment.

October 20, 2011, sermon entitled The Last Great Day - 42 minutes     The day of opportunity for those who never had opportunity.

September 29, 2011, sermon entitled The Feast of Trumpets - 46 minutes     Background of Paul’s lament / Our hope!

August 27, 2011, sermon entitled Why Stand WE in Jeopardy Every Hour? - 49 minutes     Background of Paul’s lament / Our hope!

July 23, 2011, sermon entitled True and Living Faith - 46 minutes     Developing that Faith, which is not of ourselves, which instills Christ’s likeness and in which we as Christians LIVE!

June 18, 2011, sermon entitled Congregational Integrity - 43 minutes     Addressing the importance of the body remaining a well-functioning and integral unit, especially as we see the day approaching.

April 24, 2010, sermon entitled The 14th Chapter of Revelation - 55 minutes     Encapsulated within this one Chapter is a Message Profoundly Revealing with respect to God's Plan for the Salvation of ALL the World's Un-evangelized Masses.

February 19, 2011, sermon entitled Discerning the Love of God - 31 minutes     There is a Love that is projected into us that originates with God. Are we willing conduits of His Love, expressing it toward others?

April 9, 2011, sermon entitled What IS Our Finest Hour? - 52 minutes     Will we exploit our present opportunities?

January 15, 2011, sermon entitled The Nicolaitan Factor - 53 minutes     (Explaining the Church’s incessant political problems.)

September 4, 2010, sermon entitled Protection or Martyrdom: - 44 minutes     (Accepting God’s Assignment.)

July 31, 2010, sermon entitled The Spirit Dimension - 21 minutes     (How we relate to the Power of God’s Spirit.) (Stte)

July 17, 2010, sermon entitled What IS the New Covenant? - 46 minutes     (Replacement or Restoration?)

April 24, 2010 sermon entitled The 14th Chapter of Revelation - 55 minutes     (Encapsulated within this one Chapter is a Message Profoundly Revealing with respect to God's Plan for the Salvation of ALL the World's Un-evangelized Masses.)

December 19, 2009 sermon entitled Woe to the Shepherds - 43 minutes     (What IS our joy? What IS our mission in life? What is the Church’s mission? Doing the WORK of God! We see in Ezekiel 34 what God wants!)

January 30, 2010 sermon entitled Grace, Works and Reward - 48 minutes     (Failure on the part of Theologians to Comprehend the Full Auspices of Grace Can Confound the average Worshipper as to What Response is Appropriate on the part of Those who Truly Have Been Brought Under Grace.)

September 12, 2009 sermon entitled The Love of the Brethren - 48 minutes     (Nothing we do should allow compromise of that love.)

August 8, 2009 sermon entitled Paul’s Lament for Israel  - 58 minutes     (When and How Israel will have opportunity for salvation)

June 20, 2009 sermon entitled Making Do with the Residue! - 50 minutes     (What is required of us in these latter days?)

May 16, 2009 sermon entitled Who IS the Church? - 41 minutes     (New Testament examples of congregational involvement.)

April 18, 2009 sermon entitled "Are We a Christian Nation?" - 51 minutes     How should we regard recent comments made abroad by our prez.? What if our national blessings were dependent on our faithfulness to the Covenant?

June 21, 2008 sermonette entitled "The Other Five Virgins" - 18 minutes     Matthew 25 Presents a Wedding Scenario that has long been Understood in the Context of JUST our being Saved or Lost. Actually, there’s More to this Message than meets the Casual Eye. What REAL Point is Jesus Making?

February 16, 2008 sermon entitled "Living Faith" - 52 minutes     The subject of faith a little more in depth.  When the Son of Man Cometh will He find faith on the Earth? There are different kinds of faith; what is the source of each?

January 19, 2008 sermon entitled "The Dynamics of TRUE FELLOWSHIP" - 25 minutes     A Special ‘Ambiance’ Exists Among the True Saints of God. Those in Fellow-ship with the Father and the Son Have Access into an Exclusive Fellowship with One Another, and Enjoy the Unique Benefits of a Common Relationship. Why does the Apostle John associate deferred fellowship with residual sin?

December 1, 2007 sermon entitled "The Incredible Book of Daniel" - 62 minutes  A key to understanding the Book of Revelation. Daniel was given extraordinary insight into world history and end-time events. A general overview of the prophecies given to him and especially how they dovetail with one another.

June 16, 2007 sermon entitled When God's Spirit is Poured Out" - 50 minutes An Explicit Promise, made in Ezekiel 37, to this day Remains Unfulfilled. Nothing could be more Insightful than this Outpouring of God's Spirit upon the Entire House of Israel. Do we appreciate its Significance?

August 18, 2007 sermon entitled Modern Myths of Mithras - 51 minutes Quite a Number of Accepted Religious Beliefs are of Extra-Biblical Origins. It Would Shock the Average Worshipper to Learn the True Source of Many Teachings and Practices held Dear in this ' Modern ' World. Too many beliefs and customs are found in ancient religions to be merely co-incidental.

May, 2007 sermon entitled "Is Jesus God?" - 59 minutes   The Narrative regarding ‘Doubting Thomas’ is understood to regard his Reluctance to Believe that Jesus had truly been Resurrected from the Dead. Is that ALL there was to it?

October 13, 2007 sermon entitled The Saints which slept Arose - 18 minutes Rarely Mentioned, and Little Understood, (Even Pointedly Ignored), a Brief Reference in the Book of Matthew Poses Interesting Considerations. Why Did God the Father Raise Certain 'Saints' at Christ's Resurrection? What Hope can we gain about the impending resurrections from this startling event?

October 13, 2007 sermon entitled "The Meaning of the Term: "Under the Law" (What Paul REALLY meant!)  - 21 minutes  Perhaps THE Most Familiar Teaching in the Entire New Testament. At the Same Time, One of the Most Misrepresented and Misunderstood. What Did the Apostle Paul Actually Mean When He Said, 'Under the Law'?

February 11, 2006 sermon entitled And So, All Israel Shall be Saved (God's Plan for a greater yield from Israel)  - 43 minutes  The Apostle Paul lamented the situation with regard to his physical Kinsmen not being afforded Salvation in this age. You would think they’d be THE Prime Candidates for Salvation, though the Historical Record has proven otherwise! When does their day come?

May 6, 2006 sermon entitled Discovering the Wave Sheaf (Its evidence in New Testament Theology)  - 40 minutes  Despite Biblical Mention of the Wave Sheaf Offering Being Extremely RARE, this Important Harvest Ceremony Factors into Christian Theology in ways Not Obvious to the Average Worshipper!

December 16, 2006 sermon entitled Understanding the Three Resurrections  - 58 minutes  Many in God’s Church have serious difficulty fully explaining the Doctrine of the Resurrections from the Dead. Our Counterparts in the Catholic and Protestant World find the matter to be even more Theologically Formidable!

September 2, 2006 sermon entitled The HOPE of Your Calling (Looking beyond this momentary existence)  - 53 minutes  God's called-out ones are the bridge between this present evil world and the world to come. Keep the hope of your calling alive through active faith.

July 22, 2006 sermon entitled The Doctrine of “the Father and the Son” (A Whole New Paradigm)  - 60 minutes  With Volatile Issues abundant, the Early NT Church didn't need More things to have to Debate. Yet One Issue was Always ‘Right There’ Waiting to Erupt. Few have noted the Extreme Genius Exhibited by New Testament writers in Changing the Fundamental Perceptual Parameters of Who Elohim Is, doing so with Minimal Controversy at the Time.


Considering the MEANINGS of the Fall Harvest FESTIVALS of the Bible

Traditional Christianity, since the Rejection of things “Jewish” by the Apostate Church of the early Fourth Century, lost Awareness of Important Truths regarding How God intends to Extend the Opportunity for Salvation to ALL who have ever lived! The Early New Testament Church understood God’s Plan in ways lost to the Modern Religious World.

While Well Representing the Essential Elements of Personal Salvation, the World’s Religions are Inadequate to the Task of Explaining World Salvation: HOW God ultimately will Afford Opportunity to ALL of the Uncountable Multitudes who NEVER HAD ANY real Opportunity for Salvation. This Series will Address that Aspect of God’s Plan!

The Feast of Trumpets What it means to the world as well as to us! A series of 7 Trumpets illustrates the Wrath of God upon unrepentant humanity. Revelation 11:15-17 provides a concise outline of events that will take place when Christ returns to rule the Earth together with His resurrected Saints. This era begins the first phase of opportunity for the world’s un-evangelized majority. Rich
Prelude to the Millenium The Day of Atonement sets the stage for the Millennium. Satan is bound, and the world is introduced to the True Religion of God. Atonement is God’s intended condition with all who will seek entry into a personal relationship with their Creator. Les
Atonement 2011 What is the importance of the Day of Atonement in the plan of God in the Church age and what relevance does it portend for those who live into the millennial age? And why are we instructed to fast annually on this Day? Elbert
Appreciating the Last Great Day The final generation of life for evaluating (judging) those who never had opportunity for salvation: Bringing in the great harvests of humanity. All the ‘rest of the dead’ are raised, after the millennium, to be afforded that opportunity which they never had! Another resurrection, the resurrection of the Last Day, brings up all who ever lived to join these for Final Sentencing at the End! The event described by Christ in Matthew 25:31-46. Rich Traver 10/20/2011
The Feasts of God What these days mean in regard to World Salvation! Holydays illustrate the ‘early and the latter rains’: Harvests of humanity who are judged worthy to be brought into the Spirit-born Family of God. Revelation chapter 14 describes each of those harvests and the ‘end of physical existence’. Rich
Ezekiel’s millennial message Ezekiel presents a message of hope to the whole deceased ‘Houses of Judah AND Israel’. Thirteen whole chapters are devoted to describing Israel’s unique place in the redemptive Plan during the seventh millennium, and graphically presenting the Religious Systems that will be practiced exclusively: A restored Ceremonial System for those being prepared for conversion and a Faith-based system for those having God’s Spirit and truly being converted. Rich Traver 9/29/2010


Government in the Church and Member Responsibility

Variations exist among God’s elect with respect to the manner in which God’s Church ought to be organized and administered. There are extremes of opinions: the attitude that little or no organization is necessary or appropriate, to the other extreme, in which “Government” is afforded the highest regard in a highly structured establishment of absolute power and near ‘official’ infallibility!

Though given little direct Biblical mention, the issue of government within the Church is often illustrated in the actions and situations related in the context of Scripture. It has remained largely our doing to evaluate those situations, and to create from them concepts of government under which we operate. The following messages consider those concepts and how they affected our spiritual growth and our congregations’ long term viability.

How Did This Happen? The startling doctrinal overthrow in the Church and how it ultimately contributed to our training for these end-times. Rich
Seminar: God’s New Testament Ministry Feast Seminar: This session addresses the various service functions that God intended for the edification of His Church. Correct definitions of those functions (offices) present a dramatic difference revealing how His Church is to be structured and grow. Rich Traver 10/6/2012
Have We Lost Our First Love? Years in the faith can take an inevitable toll if we are not careful. What admonition should Christians take from Christ’s assesment of Ephesus? Rich Traver 11/10/2012