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Beyond Armageddon Cover

Few subjects hold the riveted interest of students of the Bible than what is commonly referred to as scenarios of ‘the End of the World’. Owing to a low level of familiarity with what the Bible actually reveals about the long-term future, the general awareness, and its resulting consensus, represents the great Battle of Armageddon as being the ‘final battle’, or series of events, ending all human life on Earth.

This booklet is designed to acquaint the sincere seeker of Truth and Understanding with information not usually presented in established church denominations. Much is left to ‘the professionals’ under the presumption that their denomination’s scholars, who profess to understand such matters, are adequately informed and are able to accurately represent the full Truth of God’s Word on the subject. Most rest quite comfortably, taking the position that we need not attempt to investigate incongruities ourselves, as their esteemed theologians’ conclusions are well documented.

What is absent in the spectacular scenarios presented by well-known eschatologists is an accurate presentation of what the world condition will be like after this ‘last battle’ occurs. Bible Prophecy reveals a whole new age beyond this momentous event.

It’s the purpose of that new age, often referred to as ‘the millennial Kingdom’, that is by far the greater story. Not only that there is to be a new societal condition beyond the end of this age, but that it has a far greater purpose than any main-stream denomination represents in their presentations. To understand that new age, believers must have a general awareness of the major doctrines of the Christian religion, those being: the process of conversion, the receipt of God’s Holy Spirit, the resurrections from the dead, and the assignment of the individual to ‘eternal life’, being provided immortality by a flesh-to-spirit change as is explicitly revealed in places such as 1st Corinthians chapter 15: And, not to disregard, the understanding of the world-ruling Millennial Kingdom of God on Earth and its all-important purposes.

What is a profound enigma among average churchgoers, or their leadership for that matter, is the question of why so many peoples (the overwhelming majority) remain unconverted at their times of death. In fact, it is the rare individual through history that has had an opportunity for Salvation. Few in human societies were adequately evangelized until the last 2000 years, and only a minority during those millennia were provided a full and fair opportunity to repent (which is a “God given” ability) a pre-condition to being led through the conversion experience. Then, there are the multiple millions who died in infancy or too young to be reasonably aware of what repentance and conversion is. Are these all consigned to everlasting torments in hell fire?

While Bible students are aware of the adage that, “God is not willing that any should perish”, they just don’t understand what provision God has made in His Overall Plan to provide all who have ever lived with the opportunity to pursue Conversion and to attain Eternal Life. That is the profound subject that this booklet will present.

Set aside former perceptions so that God’s Truth may resound clearly in your mind. The ‘Battle of Armageddon’ is NOT the end of the world!       Rich Traver

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Resurrections Cover Image

After decades of study, the author presents many under-considered aspects the Biblical Doctrine of the Resurrections from the Dead and Eternal Judgment as identified in Hebrews chapter 6. This 96 page 8-1/2 by 11 booklet considers the personal resurrections of the Saints and the Rest of the Dead referred to in Revelation 20, who are to be brought back to life after the Millennial Age. Its primary focus is the under-considered personal Resurrections as they apply to all humanity, of all ages, not that of Jesus Christ, which is adequately covered by traditional Christianity. Explained is why there needs to be more than one resurrection and why they are separated by a thousand years. Many less used passages of Scripture are taken under consideration, including the very words of Christ where He relates a period of time in which ancient peoples will rise together and 'condemn' other resurrected societies for their non-responsiveness to Salvation's availability. More importantly, the booklet addresses the questions regarding those who died, never having been afforded a legitimate opportunity for Salvation and what happens to them as it regards their Eternal Destiny.  

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Understanding Millennial KOG Book Cover

“Understanding the Millennial KINGDOM of God” If it weren't for our religions, we might be better able to understand the Bible! Countless pas-sages are rendered confusing or unfathomable due to ideas of men injected into the Theological thought-stream, borrowing from pre-existing religious beliefs, particularly Gnostic and Mithraic Cults, as well as other Theological errors that are 'home grown' within the bounds of what is considered "Orthodox Religion". This 76-page booklet takes a long hard (and perhaps unsettling) look into one of the most deeply rooted fundamental beliefs in all of christianty. This due to it being one of the major obstacles to understanding the very Core Doctrines brought to mankind with and by the Ministry of Christ. He came preaching "the Gospel of the Kingdom of God", yet our religions have wonderfully misconstrued exactly what that kingdom really entails. It was not to be this evil generation, though its future populace would be living among them, despised and rejected as was He. But perhaps the greater message set forth within the account of Christ's Millennial Kingdom is that it will provide the opportunity denied to the masses of humanity that died, never having had an opportunity for salvation, AND then what happens after that! It's a story no serious, thoughtful disciple of our LORD should neglect.

About the Kingdom

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How Many Beings

How Many Beings are in the GODHEAD? (Is Jesus God?) The Longest running Controversy in Judaeo - Christian Religion is the matter of the Full Identity of Jesus Christ. The Premise of His also being God Divides Judaic Theology from Christian Theology as does No Other Issue. These many items presented herein offer many concise reasons why the Church of God accepts Christ's Personal Divinity and His Pre-Incarnate Existence. If God had intended we conceive of Him as a Single Being, WHY are there so many unequivocal statements that affirm His Son as being God also? The Controversy did not originate in the New Testament Era. The seeds of Misunderstanding and Theological Conflict were planted back in earliest times. What was the Major Contention that Christ had with Jewish Theology that ultimately led to His being sentenced to a most extreme death sentence? More than 40 Substantial and Inter-Supporting Reasons Acknowledge Jesus' Eternal Divinity! If you are in any way unsure of what position to take or how to defend your understanding on this important matter, be sure to arm yourself thoroughly with the Truth of God's Word. The comprehensive information provided in this Booklet will provide you with a Base of Understanding and a confidence in which to stand.

Feast Overview

For the first 2500 years of human history, seasonal cycles were observed and crops were planted in their appropriate seasons. The life-spans of just three individuals would have attested to the continuity of practice of charting and observing the cyclical growing seasons from the time of Creation to the time of Jacob. Adam died 220 years after Methuselah was born and Methuselah died 100 years after Seth was born. Seth died about the time Jacob was born. If there had been any change to traditional astronomical observances, there was continuity in the lifetimes of these patriarchs to attest to such change.

One change God made to the long established calendar cycle, occurred at the time of the Exodus. He reversed the seasons of each year. Spring became the start of the ‘new year’. This to use the created harvest seasons to illustrate God’s Plan for the redemption of all of humanity. Much is revealed about that Plan in the seven annual Holydays, that God Himself calls “The Feasts of the LORD”. Even the Apostle Paul attests to the prophetic nature of Biblical Holydays in Colossians 2:17. To fully understand God’s Plan, we must take into account what these days reveal.

Great Mount Ararat Cover

A Twenty Four page booklet, full size and nearly full color (this is a large download file) with ten Black & White photos, twenty-eight Full Color photos, gleaned from various internet sources, that presents many pages of detailed narrative of the recent findings of what is accepted by the Turkish Government as being the true Ark remains! The locale has since been designated by them as Noah's Ark National Park. The site is just across the valley from what is known today as "Mount Ararat", a name of fairly recent assignment, but well within "the mountains of Ararat" as Genesis 8:4 identifies.

Available here by download (PDF), or in printed version by mail upon request. .

This booklet presents the amazing story of the interest that developed in the Ark Site resulting from a 1959 high-altitude mapping exercise by the Turkish government. It relates the story of the earthquake that occurred on the day Israel became an independent state in May of 1948 that first brought the site to the attention of local villagers.

Further research in the 1980's, from information found in reliable ancient sources, brought us the discovery of two Necropolises (ancient burial cities) in the vicinity, mentioned by both Josephus and in the Epic of Gilgamesh. An abundance of ossuary jars (burial urns) all over that locale bear evidence that ancient peoples (prior to the time of Abraham) well knew of the Ark landing site and made pilgrimages from all over to bury their dead near their renowned ancestor. (Keep in mind that Noah remained alive for 350 years after the Flood, and died some two-years before Abraham was born. His son Shem (being born 98 years before it occurred) lived on for another 150 years after Abraham was born! Abraham had more than a century to come to know Shem, and his son and true heir Isaac had nearly half a century! Why we'd think that the Ark site was not known to the Patriarchs is patently unexplainable.).

The cover photo visibly presents the curiosity of a crowned figure lying within the perfect hull shape that gave its name (Uzengili = meaning something like 'little bogeyman') to the tiny local village on the hill above it. This photo was from before the 1979 earthquake that caused the site to 'self-excavate', with the soils around the hull dropping away some twenty feet. A thin spear-shaped outcropping of rock, jutting into the figure in repose with a heart shaped rock protruding approximately where a heart would be, marking the end of the spear outcrop, poses profound prophetic considerations of a future 'Savior' of humanity being speared in the heart. Further, an artifact discovered in the 1800's in ancient mounds in Ohio, closely replicates this same figure, within a small version of similar ancient burial crypts, common in the Ark area, with the Ten Commandments carved into its rim, suggests ancient peoples who came to the North American continent millennia ago had an awareness of the Ark site.

The booklet also considers the Great Mount Ararat itself, the favored area of speculative focus of many dedicated Ark hunters, and the serious improbabilities of it being a reasonable landing site. Stories of it being in 'glacial ice' are also evaluated for their impracticality.

Remains of the "covering", many huge nearby anchor stones and semi-petrified metal fittings that litter the site fill out the evidence of this being the true remains of the 4,300-year old Ark.

A companion booklet, not available on-line, which documents the Necropolises of Naxuan and Seron may be requested.

God’s Holy Spirit: the Divine Nature

is a 56-page, 11-chapter booklet that takes a fresh look into the limitless Power that gives existence to all things.

While the material Universe is our most tangible reality, there is also a Spirit World, created of and by the omnipresent Spirit of God!

While the modern theologian considers the Nature of God under conceptualizations developed sixteen centuries ago, we find what was intended to be a unifying consensus, to be a powerfully divisive factor.

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his Eternal Power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:” (Rom. 1:16-20)

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Table of Contents

F o r e w o r d

Many who strive to understand the profound nature of the Creator of the Universe find themselves confounded by those Orthodox Doctrines put forth in the early centuries of the Christian era. Even those who profess to know of these matters admit that the Trinitarian Doctrine, as set forth today, is an “unexplainable Mystery” of unfathomable proportions! This booklet is designed to acquaint the sincere seeker of Truth and Understanding with information not related in typical church denominations. Many questions are passed by with the presumption that those who occupy pulpits understand such matters and are adequately informed and do accurately represent the Truth of Gods’ Word. Most rest comfortably, taking the position that we need not attempt to resolve the difficulties ourselves, as our esteemed theologians have those matters well covered.

Most disciples of Christ are not aware that the Trinitarian View, as presented in the modern era, IS NOT the same belief system as was originally put forth beginning in the late third and fourth centuries. The Trinitarian View developed over time. Clearly, we must understand that the Early New Testament Church was not aware of a ‘Trinitarian understanding’, particularly the conceptualization of Gods’ Holy Spirit as a “third Person” in the Godhead. The early Church’s articulation regarding such matters focused on the two-Beings: the Father and the Son. As their non-awareness of such a teaching, for at least the first 300 years, was no impediment to attaining a full and genuine conversion, why then do modern religious denominations deem belief in the Trinity as “essential to ones’ salvation” and it being a prerequisite to fellowship?

We will see that the ‘understanding’ of the Nature of God developed over time. What we’re presented with in the modern era bears little actual resemblance to the original teachings of the early New Testament Church.

We will see that the existence of the material universe is a projection of the creative and sustaining Power of Gods’ Spirit. ‘In Him we live and move and have our being…’ as Acts 17:28-29 explains. Do we fathom this profound declaration?

While some take an ‘anti-Trinitarian’ position, it is the intent here to present a ‘non-Trinitarian’ view, equipping the reader with answers to give to the traditionalists. This booklet will step away from conventional explanations and acquaint the reader with a broader set of considerations. Gods’ Spirit functions as the means of existence of all things, material and non-material. It accounts for the existence of the vast universe and all that is in it, not only its existence, but its continuing sustenance. We will also consider life and consciousness, as we possess these qualities, as manifestations of the Spirit of God. Not only physical life, but a higher level of living interaction with and by that sustaining Spirit Power, which opens to us the prospect of being re-generated into His own progeny, character reproductions of Himself, with the promise of fully entering the Spirit dimension in due time. This mortal may put on immortality, provided that certain conditions are met! That it is intended we become “Partakers of the Divine Nature”! (2nd Peter 1:4)

Identify True Church

How to Identify the TRUE CHURCH Through the Faith Once Delivered (a 68-page, 12 chapter booklet, 8-1/2 x 11)
It is inevitable that any thinking religious person will, at some point in his church-going experience, consider the question of whether or not he comprehensively knows the truth and has correctly identified that establishment that represents the truth. Then again, there’s that contingent of worshipper who accepts what they were told from childhood, never bothering to consider the all-important questions. After all, aren’t all religions tools to bring all people to the same end result? This booklet is intended to acquaint sincere believers with information not usually discussed in established church denominations. Most worshippers are content to ‘leave it to the professionals’ under the presumption that their denomination’s scholars, who profess to understand theological matters, are adequately informed and are able to accurately represent the full Truth of God’s Word on all things. What of those worshippers who are benignly ignorant of what the Bible actually says on a number of key teachings? It is these that this booklet seeks to inform and to motivate.

How to Identify the TRUE CHURCH
Table of Contents

Identify True Church

APOCALYPSE: The Revelation of Jesus Christ.  A 64-page booklet, in a full 8½ x 11 format, presents a more focused look at the sequence of events prophesied about the “end time”. The book of Revelation, also known in theological circles by its untranslated title as “the Apocalypse” (which in Greek means a ‘revealing’) represents the greatest enigma of all the books of the Bible. With its abundance of graphic symbolism and its intricate levels of detail, it can confound the most educated theologian, while causing others to take great leaps into speculative territory where, as the old song says, “angels fear to tread”! As an explanation of the reason for taking such an approach as this booklet does is that oftentimes, as we read with riveted fascination, we don't always realize that there has been a pause in the sequential narrative, or a set-back in time in order to further explain one of the scenes previously presented. This can cause us to lose our place as to where we are in the prophetic story flow. So perhaps as yet another tool in fathoming Jesus’ extraordinary revelation of “things which must shortly come to pass;”, this reorganized approach may prove a helpful format to those of us who are still coming to better understand those things prophesied in its most amazing profoundness. It is hoped that this booklet will help enhance understanding of what was penned by the beloved Elder Apostle.

Table of Contents

Below is a spectacular map of the Milky Way that is allowing astronomers to study the cold universe, which is the gas and dust that are only a few tens of degrees above absolute zero. (USE FULL SCREEN!)

ESO/APEX/ATLASGAL consortium/NASA/GLIMPSE consortium/ESA/Planck.
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Additional Study Aids

Millennial Kingdom on Earth
Daniel and Revelation provide complementary details of what is ahead in the World Tomorrow.
The Bible Gateway is a tool for reading and researching scripture online -- all in the language or translation of your choice! LINK
Pharaohs and Kings, by David M. Rohl, ISBN: 0-517-70315-7
(This book is in some local libraries.) From his youth, David Rohl was fascinated with Egyptian Archaeology. Disturbed with what proved to be deliberate misaligned chronology, making it appear that Biblical history didn’t correlate to Egyptian history, he sought better answers than are set forth by the ‘accepted’ Egyptologists.
The Day Behemoth and Leviathan Died, by David A. Deal, ISBN: 0-933677-01-1
This book de-bunks basic evolutionary premises, showing the evidence of massive catastrophic events in recent millennia, continental drift, drastic climate changes as well as a section on the Noah's Ark site findings. David is the one who discovered the ancient necropolis cities (Nauxuan and Seron) at the Ark site! He has another interesting book: Discovery of Ancient America, which shows Israelitish presence on this continent in the years BC. Many early North American names and words are derived from ancient Hebrew! He gives the Strong's word numbers showing how many 'modern' words and names were anciently derived!
A four book series by Steven Collins , Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel Israel's Lost Empire Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower; and  Israel's Tribes Today.
These four were originally published in abbreviated form in The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found. This first book is a good starter, but may be out of print. The four book set is much more informative. Steve was formerly a WCG member, but had a passion for this subject that preceded that association, left it for much the same reasons many of us had to, (rank apostacy) and he went much more deeply into it than the Churches of God of various affiliation ever did. Many of them exhibiting rather average talents.
The Christian Passover, by Fred R. Coulter, ISBN: 0-967547-0-3
Available from the Christian Biblical Church of God  LINK, York Publishing, P.O.Box 1038, Hollister, CA 95024. Fred, a minister who saw need to separate from the WCG atmosphere in the late seventies, has since then authored several important research books, not the least of which is A Harmony of the Gospels, ISBN: 0-9675479-1-1.
Primitive Christianity in Crisis, by Alan Knight. ISBN 0-9679332-0-X
available from the author:
Alan Knight,
2704 Summercrest St,
Caldwell, ID, 83607
or email to
This one is priceless in its perspective on how Gnostic beliefs infiltrated the theology of the New Testament Church, absorbing just enough to render its teachings ineffectual. The protestant reformation reintroduced a lot of those same toxic concepts.
Spirit of Antichrist, by Alan Knight. ISBN 978-0-9679332-1-4
available from the author:
Alan Knight,
2704 Summercrest St,
Caldwell, ID, 83607
or email to
Provides dramatic new understanding of the prophecies of the book of Revelation