Gleaning Topics of Interest and Relevance to God's Called and True Saints

Expounding upon the Faith Once Delivered

Mount Garfield

Grand Junction, Colorado is located on Interstate 70 on the western side of the magnificent Central Rocky Mountain Range in a wide semi-arid valley long famous for agricultural bounty. In the photo we see Mount Garfield in the springtime with peach trees in blossom, near Palisade, just east of Grand Junction. The eroded beauty of the Colorado National Monument flanks the valley's western side, with the 10,000 foot Grand Mesa dominating the east end. A worthwhile stopover when passing thru the west.






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Gleaning Topics of Interest and Relevance to God's Called and True Saints

Expounding upon the Faith Once Delivered

Article Titles Currently Available Online       Updated January 20, 2012

The Final Judgment  NEW
That Impending Event which evokes Great Apprehension among a majority of People remains generally misunderstood even among Main Stream Christians. When will the “Final Judgment” actually take place?
Identifying the True Biblical Faith  NEW
What Christian Denomination could we name that doesn’t regard itself as being a true and faithful rendition of the religion of the New Testament?
“…and Woe be to the Sheep”  NEW
The Modern Era of GodRsquo;s Church was provided Extraordinary opportunity and means of Proclaiming the Gospel to the World. Unfortunately, it also developed within itself a Culture containing the Elements of its own Demise!
Great Battles in Prophecy  NEW
Christian Eschatology is replete with Posed Explanations as to how “the End of the World” will play out. Many Scenarios are built around Prophecies applied to situations to which they may or may not actually relate. We should carefully examine each of these Prophecies to be certain that they’re applied accurately and in their proper timeframes
The Harvest of Ingathering  NEW
James’ Epistle mentions an important aspect regarding the opportunity for salvation, that there IS to be More than One Day of Salvation and Harvest of Souls. What does this mean as it involves the Redemption of Unconverted Humanity?
The Harvest of Firstfruits  NEW
James’ Epistle refers to important aspects regarding the redemption experience, that we are ultimately to become “…a kind of firstfruits of His creatures”. What does this mean as it involves Believers in this New Testament Era?
Calendar Polarities  NEW
In some Fellowships, great emphasis is placed on a particular method of determining what is called the "Sacred Calendar". An amazing array of opinions have emerged over the years, particularly in recent decades, which have injected divisions among brethren that need not be. Numerous opinions exist within our Fellowship Sphere of what is the 'True Calendar'? Saints are divided over Issues which are in many cases largely Unsupported Conjecture. How do we respond to these challenges? What is the solution to this apparent intractable condition?
Why Stand We In Jeopardy Every Hour?   Considering the Background of Paul’s Lament  NEW
Amazing Conclusions have been made regarding this Enigmatic Statement. Does the Apostle Paul advocate one person being Baptized on behalf of Another? Or, Was his REAL point something more practical and entirely different? What does this mean to US today?
Why Must Satan be Released from Prison?  NEW
Revelation 20 shows Satan being Held in the Bottomless Pit for 1000 Years. For WHAT Possible Reason will He be Released Again After the Millennium?
What Christ Said About Himself  NEW
Those Who Hold that Jesus Christ WASN’T God and that He Never Made Such a Claim Need to Consider the Many Amazing Direct Statements Spoken to and through the Beloved Elder Apostle John in the Book of Revelation.
The 14th Chapter of Revelation  
This Revealing Chapter steps aside from the Book’s sequential narrative to present an Oblique Look at the three Main Segments of Humanity, as it Relates to being awarded their Just and Due Rewards. Has Religion fully appreciated its Comprehensiveness? Encapsulated within this one Chapter is a Message Profoundly Revealing with respect to God’s Plan for the Salvation of ALL the World’s Un-evangelized Masses.
Blood to the Horse Bridles  
A most Astounding Visual Picture is Presented in Revelation 14:20 of a Flow of Blood, as Deep as Horses’ Bridles, extending out for 1600 Furlongs.  What Extraordinary Event is being Described Here, and is it a Reality?
I See “Napkin People”  
Two Potent Parables, given by Christ, illustrate an all too Common Approach people take. What is Most Unfortunate is when Religious Institutions work to Encourage and even Enforce ‘laying-up’ ones’ God Given Talents!
Dispensations of God’s Holy Spirit  
“If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His”! (Romans 8:9) Scripture reveals a most fascinating situation with regard to the Emerging Availability of this Essential Element in the Salvation of Humanity.
A Whole NEW Paradigm: The Doctrine of ‘the Father and the Son’!  
With Volatile Issues abundant, the Early NT Church didn't need More things to have to Debate. Yet One Issue was Always 'Right There' Waiting to Erupt. Few have noted the Extreme Genius Exhibited by New Testament writers in Modifying the Fundamental Perceptual Parameters of Who Elohim Is.
Whosoever Will May Come 
Evangelical Christians, who hold that This is the ONLY Day of Salvation, often Refer to a Passage in John 7 and another in the benediction of Revelation 22 to allege that Anyone who wishes May Come to the LORD!
“Explaining the Differences”
When called upon to explain how Church of God beliefs differ from main stream belief systems, a regard for 'the Sabbath and Holydays' is often denoted as prime example. With most, this can be a conversation ender. They may mean a lot to those who are aware of their historic and prophetic relevance, but the general religious public usually sees these as archaic and downright irrelevant in this 'evangelical' age.     more...
Authority and Submission  
A Major Factor in the Church of God, even in the Present Era, is the Dynamic of the Authority granted to the ministry. Certain organizations have declared that “It’s all about Government”. What role does “Government” rightfully play in the Church, and How should WE Respond to it?
Two Kinds of Faith  
Christians Everywhere Recognize the Absolute Necessity of Having TRUE and Demonstrable Faith. Faith can find Expression in a Number of Ways. But, What Kind of Faith Must We Have in order to be Acceptable Before God?
Grace, Works and Reward 
Failure on the part of Theologians to Comprehend the Full Auspices of Grace Can Confound the average Worshipper as to What Response is Appropriate on the part of Those who Truly Have Been Brought Under Grace.
The Endtime Martyrdom of the Saints  
A Matter of Great Interest and a Teaching receiving Major Embrace in the Church involves Saints being Protected in the very End Time. Under-Explained is the Contrasting Situation seen in Revelation's Fifth Seal.
The Famine of the WORD 
A prediction made in one of the Minor Prophets, Regarded as having Special Relevance in the End Time, is Used by Some to Justify Personal Lethargy! How should we Respond to this Condition?
The Nature of God's Spirit 
It wasn't all that far into the New Testament Era before Gnostic Teachings and Judaic Beliefs began being Blended into Fundamental Christian Theology. The Result Being that We today are Afflicted with Contradicting Belief Systems as to the True 'Nature of God'. But in order to Correctly Understand this matter,We Must first Acquaint ourselves with the Nature of His Spirit.
What's WORKS Got to DO with it?  
Despite this title's poorly worded English, this Paper considers the Question that seems to Provoke such an Averse Reaction among Evangelicals. Does their position Against our Doing ANY Works reflect a Correct Understanding?
How Many Beings in the Godhead?
The Longest running Controversy in Judeao / Christian Religion is the matter of the Identity of Jesus Christ. His also being God Divides Judaic Theology from Christian Theology as does No Other Issue. These items below present many concise reasons why the Church of God accepts His Personal Divinity. Here are more than 40 Reasons to Believe In Jesus’ Divinity!
The Great Commission
A Well-Known Passage of Scripture defines for us what Christ Expects His Faithful Disciples to Continually be Doing while Awaiting His Return. Have WE in any way Diminished its Scope in the Modern Era?
The Faith Once Delivered   
A Surprising Number of Doctrinal Teachings became Passé in the centuries following the Descent of the Early New Testament Church into Apostasy. What Changed and where did those Changes originate?
Behind the Curtain of Exclusivism   
Few Attitudes that Churches employ Inhibit Fellowship to the Degree as does the Characteristic found in the WCG Genre. Under the Guise of Preserving Unity, the Church STILL continues to Promote a very Detrimental Posture among Members.
The Other Five Virgins   
Matthew 25 Presents a Wedding Scenario that has long been Understood in the Context of JUST our being Saved or Lost. Actually, there’s More to this Message than meets the Casual Eye. What REAL Point is Jesus Making?
“We Are Not ‘Under the Law’ ! ”
Perhaps THE Most Familiar Teaching in the Entire New Testament. At the Same Time, One of the Most Misrepresented and Misunderstood. What Did the Apostle Paul Actually Mean When He used the Term: ‘Under the Law’?
Why the Ceremonial LAW?
“Done Away for Good and for All Time.” This is the Chant of Traditional Christians of nearly every Persuasion regarding the Old Covenant worship system. WHY did God give the LAW to Israel in the First Place? And, Will it be among the ‘All Things’ that are to be ‘RESTORED’ under Christ? ( Matthew 17:11 & Acts 1:6 )  NEW
“Celebrating the PROMISED LAND” Understanding Joshua 5:11
Despite there Being NO Pointed and Direct Mention of a Wave Sheaf Ceremony, the Church of God Continues to Experience the Effects of a Rather Impromptu Conclusion, Based on Little More Than a Series of Presumptions!
Growing in the Grace of the Lord
The Concluding Verse of the Epistle of 2nd Peter Admonishes the Established Christian to “Grow in Grace..” How Many Correctly Understand What This Requirement Involves? If Grace is ONLY the Unmerited Forgiveness of Sins, How Do We Grow In It?
"And the Watch Was Set"
In the long running controversy as to whether the Crucifixion was on a Friday or on a Wednesday, many informative passages have been overlooked. This article takes into account specific details concerning this important event, left out of the story as related by the predominant religious community.
The Significance of the term, "The Selfsame Day"
A Unique and Distinct Expression found in the Old Testament, one which hasn’t been fully understood, and yet has affected a number of important Doctrines having bearings on New Testament Theology!
Hebrew Calendar Development© John Lemley, a CG7 minister 
Many Assumptions Factor into Peoples’ Positions Regarding that ‘True’ Calendar by which we should Observe God’s Annual Feasts. Fundamental to Most is the Assumption that the Calendar has Remained Unchanged throughout History.
The Doctrine of Antichrist
Toward the end of the first century, a growing heresy began taking form, seriously impacting the Church of God. The Apostle John warned those who were faithful, of its danger. Few heeded, and the Church gradually accepted a theological position that disregarded one of the essential Truths of all time.
Passover and the Bride
Most Bible Students are aware that God was Married to Israel. It is also Well Established that Christ will Marry the Church. The Question is, Did He ever Formally Propose Marriage to His Beloved Institution?
One of the Most Unexplainable and Misunderstood Theological Constructs to Ever be Imposed upon the Church. The profound yet essential question, Was God actually made Flesh in Christ?
Who is The Ancient of Days?
This question, most would regard as having an obvious answer. In fact, the passage presents details that warrant a much closer look. What revealing information does this prophecy in Daniel chapter 7 offer? How did a quote from this chapter contribute to Christ’s Condemnation?
The Enigmatic “Second - First Sabbath” of Luke 6:1
This Misapplied and Little Understood Narrative In Luke Chapter 6 Suggests To Some That Christ BROKE THE LAW. Others See In It a Reference as to How To Determine Wavesheaf In Those Occasional Years When PASSOVER Falls On a SABBATH. What Important Information Does This Passage REALLY Present?
The Resurrections from the Dead
According to Hebrews Chapter 6, the 'Resurrection from the Dead' is identified as one of six Fundamental Christian Doctrines. To fully fathom this Essential Truth, we need to examine carefully the other Resurrection as revealed in: Revelation 20 and John 5.
The ‘Rejected’ Resurrection
Despite Significant Mention, Even By Christ Himself, This Resurrection Has Been Disregarded and Pointedly Ignored by the Religious Establishment, As It Finds No Place in Their Cherished Theological Scenarios. Why will the ancient Ninevites Condemn this generation?
Understanding the THREE Resurrections
Many in God’s Church have serious difficulty fully explaining the Doctrine of the Resurrections from the Dead. Our Counterparts in the Catholic and Protestant World find the matter to be even more Theologically Formidable!
What Regard Should We Have for “PAULINE THEOLOGY”?
A Pharisee of Pharisees, trained at the feet of Gamaliel, a man of profound intellect, called, tried and inspired of God as few men ever were, eventually becoming 'Apostle to the Gentiles', and writing more New Testament Scripture than any other person, yet Paul's theology was fundamentally misconstrued even in his own day!
"IF you are Christ's, then are you Abraham's seed and heirs according to the Promise" (Galatians 3:29 NKJ) What was that Promise, what were the Two Things that guaranteed it, and why are so many completely unaware of its relevance under ‘New Covenant’ theology?
For As In Adam, All Die!
A Seemingly Easy to Understand Reference in 1st Corinthians 15:22 Lays Before the Believer a Profound Consideration. Without Question, All Die and All Without Exception, Unless they are Found 'In Christ'! Why do Some Disagree?
“I Am of Paul, I Am of Apollos!”
Despite Pointed and Direct Scriptures, the Church of God Continues to Suffer the Effects of a Contaminant Brought into it By Our Basic Natures, Except that Today, We See the Phenomenon Developed to Its Highest Form!
The HOPE of “The Last Great Day”
A MAJOR Component in the Plan of God is illustrated in a Separate Holyday: the Seventh, Yet One which Remains ‘Well Off the Screen’ when it comes to being Understood by the ‘Accepted’ Religious Community! WHY are so many unable to see the Significance of this Day?
Ready for the RAPTURE
A Popular Book and Video Series Has Captured the Attention of Christians Nearly Everywhere. Surprisingly, it is the Rare Individual Who Has ‘Searched the Scriptures, Whether These Things Be So’ ! Isn't It Time We Did That? Are YOU ‘Left Behind’ on things you COULD know?
What MUST I Do? Is Any "PERFORMANCE" Required of the Christian?
Is Any “PERFORMANCE” Required of the Christian? The Typical Christian, Understanding that We are not Saved BY Works, is then Disinclined to Accept ANY Suggestion that Works are in any way Required under the New Covenant. A Number of Scriptures Address the Subject Directly. Many, it seems, Would Prefer they be Left Unmentioned.
The DEADLY Revelation in PSALM 110
Few Scriptural Passages have had such Profound Impact upon both Old and New Testament Theology as it relates to the “Nature of God”. It proved to be the major “Got-ya” of all time! Christ knew it and used it effectively, as did Paul the Apostle. What ’essential’ does this Key Verse and Chapter expose?
Apostasy’s Accomplice
The Great Apostasy, after the First Century, is a well documented Event. But, when We focus JUST on its Doctrinal Component, We overlook the Phenomenon that facilitated the Errant Drift!
Tares Among the Wheat
A Consideration in any Congregation is the Intermingling of False Brethren. Scripture Discusses Two Similar Looking but Distinctly Different Plants used to Represent Different Loyalties and Opposing Agendas.
The Everlasting Covenant
Most People See the ‘New Covenant’ as being the Epitome of Development within the Overall Plan of God. Those not Destined to be Called in this Age, and Who Seem Excluded from it, will discover HOPE in a Most Ancient Ceremony.
Discovering the WAVE SHEAF Offering
Despite Biblical Mention of the Wave Sheaf Offering Being Extremely RARE, this Important Harvest Ceremony Factors into Christian Theology in ways Not Obvious to the Average Worshipper! Listen online
The Beast Makes WAR on the Saints (When You SEE the Abomination of Desolation)
A Companion Article Identifies the 4th BEAST of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. Continuing the Subject, This Article Investigates what the Scriptures Say as to the BEAST’s Brutal Crusade Against the ‘Saints of the Most High’!
“ABSENT From the Body and PRESENT With the Lord!”
A Well Known Passage in Second Corinthians 5 Has Become almost a Cliché for Those Who Anticipate Being Taken To Heaven After This Life is Over. What Does This Potent Passage Actually Establish?
A Special ‘Ambiance’ Exists Among the True Saints of God. Those in Fellowship with the Father and the Son Have Access into an Exclusive Fellowship with One Another, and Enjoy the Unique Benefits of a Common Relationship.
“The Reward of the Saved?”
To Those within the Embrace of Orthodox ‘Grace Theology’, the Indication of a Personal Reward associated with Salvation seems oddly Out of Place. What Reward should Christians anticipate receiving at the Second Coming?
The Nicolaitan Factor  
Identified in the Book of Revelation, this Party of ‘Progressive’ Individuals is pointedly identified as Promoting a Culture within God's Church that Christ specifically says, “He HATES!” The question is, Do We?
The Ultimate Plan of God for World Salvation  NEW 
- This SIX MESSAGE Series will tell you what your Sunday School Teacher never told you- What God Reveals thru His Annual Fall Holydays
Government in the Church and Member Responsibility  NEW 
- This THREE MESSAGE series considers the condition of the Church of God today. What happened, why it happened, and what that means for us now. It examines the factors that led to the demise of the most successful organization in the modern era, and the factors that led to our power being scattered. We were trained, we were tested and yet an important phase remains to be accomplished. What should our congregations be doing as we await the end of this age?

Many additional topics are available directly from the author. Please review the master listing and advise by email or snailmail of your interests. A current listing can also be sent by snailmail or email (see below). Thank you for your interest.

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Prophecy and Today's News
Events of Consequence

Consider these possible precursor issues concerning prophetic "Later Days".

Updated April 4, 2010

From global warming to evolution, psychology to sociology, corruption runs deep


February 4, 2010

If your faith in today's scientific establishment was shaken recently by successive waves of fraud on the part of climate scientists - from systematically suppressing evidence of global cooling, to attempting to erase the Middle Ages, to falsely claiming the Himalayan glaciers were rapidly melting - get ready for more scientific corruption, a lot more. As Whistleblower reveals in its groundbreaking February issue - titled "HIJACKING SCIENCE" - global warming is just the tip of the science-fraud iceberg. Politically and financially motivated pseudo-science is widespread and utterly out of control, extending far beyond climate research and into virtually every major scientific field. Indeed, this Whistleblower issue is subtitled, "From global warming to evolution, from psychology to sociology, blatant corruption of science is running rampant." To give you a taste of "HIJACKING SCIENCE," did you know: * The world's largest association of psychologists not only endorses same-sex marriage, but actually promoted adult-child sex as healthy in its peer-reviewed journal?

Read the entire article

An Inconvenient Verdict for Al Gore

The verdict couldn't have come at a less convenient time for Al Gore. One day before Friday's announcement that he was a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a British High Court judge ruled that Gore's global warming film, "An Inconvenient Truth," while "broadly accurate," contained nine significant errors.

An Inconvenient Verdict for Al Gore

Fewer Americans See Solid Evidence of Global Warming

There has been a sharp decline over the past year in the percentage of Americans who say there is solid evidence that global temperatures are rising. And fewer also see global warming as a very serious problem – 35% say that today, down from 44% in April 2008.

Read Pew Research Center article

Beware the climate of conformity

Paul Sheehan

April 13, 2009

What I am about to write questions much of what I have written in this space, in numerous columns, over the past five years. Perhaps what I have written can withstand this questioning. Perhaps not. The greater question is, am I - and you - capable of questioning our own orthodoxies and intellectual habits? Let's see.

The subject of this column is not small. It is a book entitled Heaven And Earth, which will be published tomorrow. It has been written by one of Australia's foremost Earth scientists, Professor Ian Plimer. He is a confronting sort of individual, polite but gruff, courteous but combative. He can write extremely well, and Heaven And Earth is a brilliantly argued book by someone not intimidated by hostile majorities or intellectual fashions.

Read the entire article

Harvard astrophysicist: Sunspot Activity Correlates To Global Climate Change
General Sciences
By Rick C. Hodgin
Friday, April 10, 2009 13:12

Boston (MA) - Harvard astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon tells us that Earth has seen a reduced level of sunspot activity for the past 18 months, and is currently at the lowest levels seen in almost a century. Dr. Soon says "The sun is just slightly dimmer and has been for about the last 18 months. And that is because there are very few sunspots." He says when the sun has less sunspots, it gives off less energy, and the Earth tends to cool. He notes 2008 was a cold year for this very reason, and that 2009 may be cold for the same.

As of today, there have been 15 days in a row without any sunspots. In 2008 there were 266 days scattered throughout the year without sunspots, and in 2007 there were 163 days without sunspots. These are the #2 and #9 fewest sunspots years seen since 1911.

Dr. Soon's field of specialty is the sun. He explains that sunspots are planet-sized pockets of magnetism with much greater energy output and matter expulsion, some of which strikes the Earth's atmosphere as extra energy from the sun. He says when sunspots are present, the temperature goes up, when they are not present the temperature goes down. He also told a reporter at WBZ, CBS TV 38 (in Boston, MA) that beginning in 1645 and continuing through 1715, there were no observed sunspots. This is the period known as the Little Ice Age.

Read the entire article

Shocker: "Global warming" is simply no longer happening!! Temperatures dropping, fewer hurricanes, arctic ice growing, polar bear population up

Posted: March 22, 2009 9:56 pm Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

 WASHINGTON – This may come as bad news for Al Gore and his leftist ilk.

The modest global warming trend has stopped – maybe even reversed itself.

And it's not just the record low temperatures experienced in much of the world this winter.

For at least the last five years, global temperatures have been falling, according to tracking performed by Roy Spencer, the climatologist formerly of NASA.

"Global warming" was going to bring more and more horrific hurricanes, climate change scientists and the politicians who subscribed to their theories said. But since 2005, only one major hurricane has struck North America.

A new study by Florida State University researcher Ryan Maue shows worldwide cyclone activity – typhoons, as well as hurricanes – has reached at least a 30-year low.

Read the entire article

The Importance of Iraq in Biblical and Secular History

The following historical facts regarding Iraq in history, are very interesting:

  1. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq.
  2. Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq, was the so-called "cradle of civilization."
  3. Noah built the ark in Iraq.
  4. The Tower of Babel was in Iraq.
  5. Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq.
  6. Isaac's wife, Rebekah, is from Nahor, which is in Iraq.
  7. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq.
  8. The Prophet Jonah preached in Nineveh, warning the people of impending disaster, which is in Iraq.

read the rest here

We Were Already Bankrupt in 2007!

Economist claims: “...the government is truly bankrupt...” The Treasury Department's 2007 Financial Report of the United States Government, released Dec. 15. is an attempt to hide the painful truth from the American public. True Deficit: $4 trillion - True Debt: $59.8 trillion read the full article at WND

First Strike

The “Samson Option” calls for Israel to take out key Iranian nuclear facilities even though the international repercussions may be extremely severe. Why would Israel risk it? Newsmax article

When Free Speech Isn't Free

Nathan Tabor Posted: Wednesday May 30,2007 - 07:32:00 pm ... The right to free speech is one of the most convoluted issues of our day. On one hand, liberals insist that every obscenity and pornographic display needs to be protected under the sacred mantle of free speech. Yet, on the other hand, they want to turn criticism of same sex marriage into a crime and public prayer into a cause for condemnation.


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